4 Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

Is your WordPress site attacked by malware and now looking for ways to remove malware from the WordPress site?

You may be wondering and asking yourself, why has this happened to my website? Don’t worry….Because you are not only the victim. Every 39 seconds, a WordPress website is hacked or attacked on the web.

Experiencing a malware WordPress website hack can be terrifying and distressing. However, it’s important to stay calm and avoid panicking in such a situation.

To save you in this situation, we are bringing 4 top malware removal plugins to you. We have personally tried and tested these plugins and we are confident that you will find them useful.

#4 Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins  

Our primary focus to select these plugins is their ability to effectively remove malware. Have a look at the below-mentioned plugins to understand them to make an informed decision.

1. MalCare

MalCare has proven to be the best-performing security and malware removal plugin in our testing. If you are thinking about how to get rid of malware quickly and easily, this could be the best option for you.

This plugin is highly effective at detecting and cleaning malware and also provides emergency cleanup services. 

One of the key advantages of using MalCare is that it won’t affect your server’s performance. This ensures that you can have a secure website without sacrificing speed or performance.

MalCare plugin offers an array of features to ensure the safety and protection of your WordPress website. Here are some features:

  • Emergency cleanups and one-click auto clean-ups
  • Scheduled automatic scans
  • Vulnerability detection
  • WordPress backups
  • Firewall protection
  • Staging & migration
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Geo-blocking capabilities


  • Quick and effective malware cleanups
  • Deep scans do not impact server performance
  • Provides real-time alerts to keep you informed
  • No false alarms that waste your time
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation


  • The free version doesn’t include malware removal services
  • Some advanced features may need technical knowledge to configure properly.
  • Limited customization options for alerts and notifications
  • Premium plans can be expensive for small businesses.


You can use its free version, but to access its full range of features, you will need to buy a subscription starting at $99 per year.

Sucuri is a popular name in the WordPress security landscape with its effective scanning and cleaning features. Used by almost 400K website owners, this malware removal plugin has become the top choice to remove malware from your website.

During our testing, we have found some of its interesting features- 
  • Expert manual cleanups for malware removal
  • Server-side scanning to detect malware and vulnerabilities
  • Firewall protection against unauthorized access and brute force attacks
  • Activity logging to keep a check on website activity
  • Vulnerability detection to identify major security weaknesses
  • Quick and flawless manual cleanups by experts
  • Firewall protection and brute force attack protection
  • Vulnerability detection and activity log
  • Easy & smooth installation process
  • Malware scanner not effective
  • Difficult firewall configuration with complicated settings
  • Constant alerts
  • No auto cleanup
  • WordPress malware removal service available as an additional premium service

Sucuri’s malware removal service starts at $199/year and impressed us with its quick and effective cleanup, resolving our malware problem within 10 hours. 

While their server-side scanner did not detect the malware on our WordPress site and their security plugin may have some issues, their malware removal service is exceptional.

CleanTalk Security is an affordable yet often overlooked malware removal plugin for WordPress sites. If you are falling short on budget and thinking “How do I remove a virus from my WordPress site at a cheap price?”, this could be a decent option for you.

It offers some basic malware removal and security features-

  • Malware scanner for detecting and removing malware
  • Firewall protection against hacking attempts
  • Audit logs for monitoring site activity 
  • Identifying potential security threats
  • Login security features to prevent unauthorized access


  • Affordable price starting at $9 per year
  • Automatic malware removal feature
  • Scheduled scans for convenience
  • Geoblocking and two-factor authentication for enhanced security


  • Automatically deletes infected files without confirmation, risking the loss of critical data
  • A basic user interface may not be user-friendly for all users
  • Inadequate customer support reported by some users


Starting at just $9 per year, CleanTalk is a budget-friendly option, but if you need reliable support and a free version, you can try Wordfence.

Wordfence is a well-known WordPress malware removal plugin that is available for free. It offers a set of security features, including a scanner, firewall, and repair option. 

However, the free features are good but not 100% effective, with the 65% scanner functionality and the firewall updates are slower than the premium version. 

Additionally, the repair option is fast yet risky as it may accidentally delete core files and result in a site crash.

Some important features are-

  • Repair and delete options are available
  • Malware scanner included in the plugin
  • Two-factor authentication for login protection
  • End-point firewall for added security
  • Login protection to secure user logins
  • Country blocking option to restrict access from certain locations


  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular security updates
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins
  • Multiple options for customization
  • Effective login protection and two-factor authentication
  • Can block access by country or IP address
  • Offers various performance optimization tools
  • Automatic scans and backups


  • Expensive manual cleanups
  • Repair and delete options are risky
  • Malware detection through file matching may be imperfect
  • Potential for false positives in malware scans
  • Frequent and sometimes excessive alerts
  • May have a high impact on server resources


The pricing of Wordfence starts at $99/year, with premium cleanups costing an additional $490 per site. However, the premium version may not be worth it due to its limited benefits and negative impact on website performance.


These are the best plugins to remove malware from your site. Additionally, if you need more tips and suggestions for malware removal, read out our blog “How to Remove Malware from Your WordPress Website: 8 Effective Ways.


We hope our comparison of the best WordPress malware removal plugins has helped you to ins and outs of each plugin. Invest some time in understanding and comparing plugins to make an informed decision. Contact us for any questions on malware removal plugins. You may also use our malware removal services to protect your site.

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