WordPress Maintenance Page

Crafting a Professional WordPress Maintenance Page for Your Website (5 Amazing Ideas)

WordPress Maintenance Page
Looking for ideas for crafting a professional and eye-catching WordPress Maintenance Page that captivates your website visitors?

Although maintenance pages may be perceived as interruptions, they also have the potential to transform into visually appealing placeholders for websites undergoing updates. 

These WordPress Maintenance pages offer a unique picture for brand expression, helping businesses convey their values and identity even during downtime. Whether it is using appealing visuals, informative content, or creative design, crafting an attention-grabbing WordPress maintenance page can enhance the user experience and leave a positive impression on visitors’ minds. 

Learn how to seize the opportunity to turn a moment of website downtime into a chance to impress your visitors with a polished and informative maintenance page. Before we delve into the creative process, it’s crucial to understand when to create a WordPress maintenance page.

When Should You Implement a WordPress Maintenance Page ?

Website maintenance is a crucial aspect of managing a WordPress site. Though routine updates, taking backups, and database optimization are necessary for keeping your website secure and functional, it’s equally important to ensure minimal disruption to your users’ experience. 

A WordPress maintenance page helps you do that. It helps to inform visitors and maintain a positive user experience during WordPress maintenance mode while website updates, data migrations, scheduled improvements, emergency repairs, content overhauls, and quality assurance testing. 

To ensure that users are informed and trust is maintained during a temporary offline website, it is essential to communicate the reason for downtime and the expected duration.

In the following sections, we’ll explore how to create an effective WordPress maintenance page and best practices for an amazing user experience during site maintenance.

Creating a maintenance page in WordPress is a simple process, especially when using plugins like Ultimate Coming Soon Page, Under Construction, WP Maintenance Mode, SeedProd, and many more. 

Here we’re going to use the SeedProd plugin. This is known for its versatility, and user-friendly approach with a drag-and-drop builder, eliminating the need for coding skills.

To begin, you should install and activate the SeedProd plugin. After activation, navigate to the SeedProd » Settings in your WordPress admin sidebar to enter the license key from your SeedProd account.

Once this is complete, go to the SeedProd » Landing Pages screen in your WordPress dashboard. Here, click the ‘Set up a Maintenance Mode Page’ button to start your maintenance page design.

This action directs you to the ‘Choose a New Page Template’ screen, where you can select a pre-made SeedProd template for your maintenance page. The chosen template is then launched in SeedProd’s drag-and-drop builder.

You have the flexibility to either use the template as it is or customize it by dragging and dropping blocks. This will allow you to easily add elements like a call-to-action (CTA) button directing users to other non-under-construction web pages.

You can customize the button’s text, add links to non-under-construction pages, and modify the button’s appearance through the settings in the left column. Once your customization is complete, click ‘Save’ to store your settings. To publish your maintenance page, navigate to the ‘Page Settings’ tab, toggle the ‘Page Status’ to ‘Publish‘, and exit the drag-and-drop builder.

This prompts a ‘Maintenance Mode is not active’ message. You can activate the maintenance mode by clicking ‘Yes, Activate’. Your maintenance page is now live and accessible on your website.

To deactivate the WP maintenance mode when your site is ready, visit the SeedProd » Landing Pages screen and toggle the ‘Active‘ switch to ‘Inactive‘ in the Maintenance Mode section. This will remove the maintenance page from your website’s front end.

5 Amazing Ideas to Create a WordPress Maintenance Page

During WordPress maintenance mode or updates, it’s a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impression on your visitors, even during downtime. 

We have some creative ideas to create an eye-catching and professional-looking WordPress maintenance page that keeps your audience informed and entertained.

  • Interactive Progress Bar

Instead of just displaying a static message, consider adding an interactive progress bar that keeps visitors engaged. This attractive feature offers real-time updates on the maintenance progress, fostering a sense of user involvement and anticipation. 

As visitors watch the bar inch closer to completion, it not only informs them but also creates a feeling of connection with the ongoing process. This turns passive downtime into an active and engaging experience.

  • Engaging Countdown Timer

Incorporating a countdown timer into your WordPress maintenance page introduces an element of urgency and excitement.

It serves the purpose of informing users about the anticipated time for your website’s relaunch and also creates an environment of eager anticipation. As your website visitors watch the timer steadily tick down, a sense of excitement builds, and they eagerly await the moment when your website will be back online. 

Special Tip- Include a captivating message such as “We’re launching something truly…,” further enhancing the sense of eagerness and making the wait an engaging experience.

  • Informative Updates

In addition to conveying the essential information that your site is in maintenance mode, you may take this opportunity to enrich the user experience by providing valuable insights and content. Consider highlighting your recent achievements or milestones to reflect the progress and accomplishments of your website. This will instill a sense of pride and trust among your audience. Moreover, you can provide tips and tricks related to your website’s niche or content.  

  • Interactive Mini-Game or Quiz

Make your site downtime fun and engaging by including a mini-game or quiz related to your website’s theme or niche. Users can participate while they wait. It’ll create a memorable and enjoyable experience for them. You can make it more interesting by offering small rewards or discounts for high scores or quiz completions. This approach will help to maintain user engagement and also strengthen their connection with your brand.

  • Subscription Option

Leverage this website downtime as a strategic opportunity to grow and fortify your mailing list. Integrate an enticing option for users to subscribe to get access to updates, newsletters, or exclusive offers that extend beyond the maintenance period. 

By inviting users to be a part of your community through subscriptions, you’re addressing the temporary downtime and also building a connection that extends far beyond this brief pause. This will ensure that they remain connected, informed, and engaged with your website in the long run.


Website maintenance mode offers a unique opportunity to offer a better user experience to users during website downtime. We have outlined some creative ideas in this post. Using these ideas, you can create captivating WordPress maintenance pages. If you encounter any challenges during the process, remember that our team is here to assist you. Your users deserve the best, even during downtime.

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