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How to Export WordPress Form Entries to a CSV and Excel File? (Easy Steps)

export WordPress form entries
Are you looking for a hassle-free way to export WordPress form entries to CSV and Excel files? Do you want to make the most out of your valuable data?

By exporting form entries to CSV format, you gain the flexibility to utilize your valuable form data in various other applications. For instance, you can analyze your data in depth, create charts and graphs for visual insights, and manage your data more efficiently.

In this post, we will demonstrate the process of exporting WordPress form entries to CSV and Excel formats. Let’s first understand why we need to export WordPress form entries!

What is the Purpose of Exporting WordPress Form Entries to CSV and Excel?

WordPress site forms are a powerful way to engage with your audience. With the help of these forms, you can attract customer leads, receive feedback, address inquiries, get product suggestions, conduct surveys, and more. However, when it comes to analysis, managing a large number of form entries can be challenging.

In such situations, exporting your data in CSV and Excel format proves incredibly useful. By doing so, you can gain valuable insights. For instance, you can get an idea about which products or features are most desired by users. At the same time, you can also discover common issues experienced by visitors on your WordPress site.

Additionally, the advantages of exporting WordPress form entries to CSV and Excel extend beyond just spreadsheets. You can leverage the exported form entries in various applications, including analytics software like Microsoft Power BI. This further opens up opportunities to create informative dashboards and visualizations to maximize the potential of your form data.

Now, it’s time to explore how you can effortlessly and efficiently export WordPress form entries to CSV and Excel.

How to easily export WordPress Form Entries to Excel and CSV format?

WPForms is a popular WordPress export plugin. You need to install it to simply export WordPress form entries in a CSV file. This WordPress export plugin also lets you export contact form entries to Excel.

Here are some simple steps to do it-

  • Head to form entries in the WordPress admin panel
  • Go to WPForms » Entries in your WordPress admin panel. 
  • Select the specific WordPress form for which you want to export entries.
  • Click on the ‘Export All’ option to initiate the export process.
  • WPForms will give you various export options for your form entries. By default, the export will include fields like name, email address, and message. You can also choose to export additional information such as entry ID, date, user agent, user IP, payment status, etc.
  • Now scroll down to the ‘Export Options’ section and select the desired settings. If you want to export the data in Excel format, check the ‘Export in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)’ checkbox. If left unchecked, WPForms will export the file as a CSV.
  • Utilize the custom date range, selector, to export entries from a specific time period. You can also use the search feature to filter the form entries based on specific criteria like name, email, message, etc.
  • Click the ‘Download Export File’ button to generate and save the export file to your computer.
  • You will receive a notification confirming that your export file has been successfully generated.

How to export an individual WordPress form entry?

Here are the steps to export a specific form submission in WordPress using WPForms

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “WPForms” in the menu in the left pane.
  • Select “Entries” from the WPForms submenu.
  • Now choose the form you want to export entries from and click on its name.
  • You will see a list of entries for that form.
  • To choose the specific entry you want to export, use the filters at the top.
  • Click on “View” next to the entry you want to export.
  • The entry will open, and on the right side, click on the “Export (CSV)” link.
  • WPForms will generate the export file.
  • With this, the file will be downloaded to your web browser.
That’s it! You have successfully exported a specific form submission using WPForms in WordPress.

How to link the WordPress form to Google Sheets?

Are you aware that you have the option to automate the process of getting form entries and displaying them in Google Sheets? Yes, you can do it with the help of another popular WordPress forms plugin- Uncanny Automator.

Automating the connection between your WordPress form entries and Google Sheets using this plugin offers several advantages. It automatically collects form data in a spreadsheet and makes it easily accessible for team members without requiring a new WordPress login. 

Also, it eliminates the need for manual exporting of WordPress form entries and reduces the risk of errors. Follow these steps to avail above benefits-

  • First, you need to install and activate the Uncanny Automator plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Install and activate the WPForms plugin if you haven’t already.
  • Create a form using WPForms that you want to link to Google Sheets.
  • Install and activate the Uncanny Automator WPForms integration add-on.
  • Go to “Uncanny Automator” in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on “Add New” to create a new automation.
  • Give your automation a name and select the trigger event as “User submits a form” from the WPForms section.
  • Choose the WPForms form you want to link to Google Sheets from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on “Add Action” and select “Google Sheets” from the available integrations.
  • Authenticate your Google account and grant access to Uncanny Automator to connect with Google Sheets.
  • Choose the Google Sheets spreadsheet you want to link the form submissions to.
  • Map the form fields to the corresponding columns in the Google Sheets spreadsheet and save your automation.
  • Test the integration by submitting a form entry and checking if the data is added to the linked Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Final Thoughts

Exporting form entries to CSV and Excel format in WordPress offers a seamless way to leverage your valuable data across multiple applications. With WPForms and Uncanny Automator, the process is simple and user-friendly. In this post, we have outlined the steps to allow you easily access and export your form entries. If you still find any issues during the process, you can get in touch with us. We are WordPress experts and are always there to help you!

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